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NUK Bottle Cleanser 500ml

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  • For baby-friendly and harmless cleaning of bottles and teats – now even more effective
  • With the power of enzymes, cleanser removes milk, baby food, oats and juice residues reliably
  • Naturally based ingredients, biodegradable, free of perfumes and colouring agents
  • Rinses off without residues, ph-skin-neutral, dermatologically tested
  • Bottle made of 100% recycled material, with new cap for easier one-hand use

NUK Bottle Cleanser 500ml, for cleaning bottles and teats, baby gentle cleanser, removes stubborn milk and baby food residues, free of perfumes and colouring agents

NUK Bottle Cleanser: removes even stubborn residues of milk and puree - leaving no traces.

Obvious, isn‘t it... A bottle cleanser from NUK? Naturally! Because we know what parents need, we have developed the NUK Bottle Cleanser that cleans effectively and is completely safe for your child. After washing up, everything is clean and there are no traces of bottle cleanser. The NUK Bottle Cleanser will win you over with no fragrance. With no colorants. But with a whole lot of ”performance“. PH-neutral and hypoallergenic. Because we rely on the strength of nature. With enzymes that are particularly effective at dissolving milk, juice and, thanks to the new formula, even puree residue.

The result is our best NUK Bottle Cleanser ever. With only safe ingredients, it cleans effectively and completely. Therefore, it is ideal for cleaning baby tableware such as baby bottles and teats, cups, plates, but also breastfeeding accessories as well as washable toys.

By the way: because nature is close to our hearts, our NUK Bottle Cleanser‘s bottle is made of 100% recycled PET. And even better: when it is empty, you can refill it with the practical refill pack. The NUK Bottle Cleanser refill pack comes as a sustainable concentrate. Simply mix 1:1 with water - for less packaging waste.

To cleanse feeding bottle

Squeeze one measure into the bottle. Using a bottle brush, wash gently but thoroughly in a little warm water. Rinse thoroughly using clean water. For sterilisation we recommend the NUK Vario Express Steam Sterilizer.

Notes: Always keep the cleanser out of children’s reach. If the product gets into your eyes rinse immediately with water. If inadvertently swallowed seek medical advice.

How does the NUK Bottle Cleanser work?

In the first months of life, a baby’s food is first and foremost milk and puree. After feeding, leftovers remain on bottles, teats, cups and plates and germs, bacteria and bad smells can build up there.

To remove these residues gently, we have developed the NUK Bottle Cleanser. Here ingredients were omitted, which are not necessary for the cleaning of baby food. Instead, the NUK Bottle Cleanser contains enzymes that are particularly effective against milk protein and thickeners.

Even in nature, enzymes also help to break down and dissolve proteins. For this reason, the formula of the new bottle cleanser is based on this model from nature. Thanks to the thin consistency, the cleanser disperses quickly. The proteins residues are cracked open by the enzymes and can be easily rinsed away completely.


You can find information on the ingredients on the information sheet (in pdf format).

Click here, to download or save the information sheet.

Should you have more questions or require further information, then please contact the NUK Parents’ Service.

To save PDF files on your hard disc, simply right-click on the link and select "Save as". If you have not installed Adobe Reader you can download it here for free.


After I’ve cleaned the bottles and teats do I still need to sterilise them?

In the first months, a baby’s immune system is still not completely developed and so, is still very sensitive. That is why, in principle, we recommend that bottles and teats be sterilised even after thorough cleaning.

Can I use the NUK Bottle Cleanser for other tableware too?

Yes, of course. The difference between the NUK Bottle Cleanser and other washing-up liquids is that it has a very mild formula. That is why the NUK Bottle Cleanser is very gentle and less aggressive. What is good for your child, can also be good for you.

What happens if my child comes into contact with the cleanser?

The NUK Bottle Cleanser contains no strong acids and is pH-neutral to the skin. That is why there should be no problems if the cleanser comes in contact with skin.

What happens if NUK Bottle Cleanser gets into my child’s mouth?

The consistency of the cleanser is basically very liquid, so that it can be rinsed out very easily and quickly. This way no residue of the cleanser that could be taken in with the next meal should remain.

What should I do if my child accidentally swallows some cleanser?

If your child accidentally swallows some cleanser, you should seek medical advice. If necessary, the PI-Code which is printed on the back of the bottle should be given to the poison control centre.

What happens if I use too much NUK Bottle Cleanser?

That is not a problem. Just keep rinsing till no more foam is produced. That is especially why the cleanser is so liquid, so that it can be easily rinsed away completely.

What temperature should the washing-up water be?

The water should be between lukewarm and warm. In very cold water, the cleanser does not work optimally.

Why does the colour of the NUK Bottle Cleanser change over time and become yellowish?

The ingredients of the NUK Bottle Cleanser are nature-based and so a colour change is possible. However, the discoloration has no effect on the quality or effectiveness of the product and it can continue to be used safely.

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NUK Bottle Cleanser 500ml

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