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  1. NUK First Choice Plus baby bottle with temperature control (PP) White 300ml
    NUK First Choice Plus baby bottle with temperature control (PP) White 300ml
  2. NUK New Classic Baby Bottle Glass 240ml with teat
    NUK New Classic Baby Bottle Glass 240ml with teat

NUK Baby Bottles for your sweetheart

We offer a wide range within our baby bottle collections, so there is something for everyone. The NUK First Choice+ bottle, for example, is ideal for combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The NUK Nature Sense® baby bottles, on the other hand, are best suited to babies who are breastfed. When developing the teats, we took inspiration from nature and recreated the natural shape of the mother's breast when breastfeeding. Therefore, they give breastfed babies a familiar and natural drinking sensation. In addition to cute designs, all of our NUK drinking bottles are equipped with a silicone or latex teat that is suitable for your baby's jaw. This pampers your baby with a loving and secure feeling. Our special NUK Anti-Air Colic System also helps prevent colic.

Further advantages of our baby bottles

As every material has its individual advantages and disadvantages, we offer a selection of robust baby drinking bottles made of glass as well as baby drinking bottles made of high-quality polypropylene (PP) and polyamide (PA), naturally free of BPA. The lightweight and unbreakable plastic material of the NUK baby drinking bottles is a good choice when on the go and promotes the learning effect when drinking, as the little ones can easily hold the weight of the bottle themselves without any danger. Baby bottles made of polyamide are highly transparent and come visually closer to the glass bottle. Baby bottles made of polypropylene, on the other hand, can be frozen and heated in the microwave.

For additional safety for parents and child, all our plastic bottles have the NUK Temperature Control Feature. By means of a thermometer that changes colour in the area of the scale, you can see at a glance whether the food is still too hot. If the indicator is white, you should let the contents of the baby drinking bottle cool down a little more. If the indicator is blue, the optimum drinking temperature of 37 degrees has been reached. Note that this is only an additional check. Always check the temperature of the baby food again yourself with a drop on your wrist. If the temperature reading agrees with your own judgement, you are definitely on the safe side when it comes to drinking temperature.

Tip: If you would rather take a look at our glass baby bottles and find out more about them, go to our Baby Glass Bottles category. 

Storage and shelf life of NUK Baby Bottles

We recommend that you keep a supply of 2-4 drinking bottles for your baby. This way you are optimally equipped for every meal and can ensure that the bottles are always cleaned and dried in good time before use. It is best to store cleaned baby bottles separately from the tops. Place the bottles with the opening facing upwards in a dry place at room temperature. This allows the residual water from washing to escape, just as with normal dishes. 

For reasons of hygiene, baby bottles should be regularly disinfected by boiling or steam sterilisation. If you discover scratches inside a bottle, you should replace it immediately with a new baby bottle. 

Tip: When cleaning baby bottles, the use of vaporisers is very practical and saves a lot of time. You can find out more about this in our vaporisers category. 

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