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Breast Pads

Breast Pads

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Nursing pads for carefree nursing

As a new mother, you and your body need time to get used to breastfeeding. At the beginning when the milk is first produced, the body is not yet able to control the release of breast milk properly, so that milk can be released unexpectedly. However, as breastfeeding progresses, unwanted milk flow can also occur, resulting in unpleasant milk stains on your clothes. Nursing pads for the bra, which absorb the excess breast milk, spare nursing mothers these unpleasant milk stains. This way you always have a good feeling!

Quick questions: The top 3 questions about nursing pads

1. How often should you change nursing pads?

Nursing pads should always be changed when they have come into contact with a large amount of breast milk. Accordingly, when to change the pads is very individual to each mother - but in most cases after breastfeeding.

2. What are the advantages of disposable nursing pads?

Compared to washable nursing pads, disposable nursing pads are narrower and, therefore, almost invisible under clothing. After use they can be easily disposed of with the household waste and, therefore, do not require cleaning. The individually packed nursing pads from NUK can also be easily stowed away when travelling.

3. Which nursing pads are best for irritated nipples?

In general, and particularly in the case of irritated nipples, you should ensure that the material of the nursing pads is breathable. Sufficient air circulation prevents skin irritation and the nipples can recover better in the event of inflammation.

What should you bear in mind regarding nursing pads?

Similar to nappies, the material used is important: if the material is not absorbent enough and is already soaked after a small amount of fluid has been absorbed, the nursing pad quickly becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The consequences are skin irritations and sore nipples. To prevent this, NUK Ultra Dry Nursing Pads and NUK Ultra Dry Comfort Nursing Pads have an extremely high moisture retention. The breathable material allows the air to circulate better. This means that you can enjoy breastfeeding with your baby in peace and quiet and do not have to worry about unwanted milk stains or sore nipples.

Why NUK nursing pads?

Apart from the breathable material, NUK Ultra Dry Nursing Pads and NUK Ultra Dry Comfort Nursing Pads are modelled on the shape of the female breast. Thus, they nestle perfectly against the body thanks to the body-contoured shape of the pads. The practical NUK fixing strip holds the nursing pads securely in place so that the pads cannot slip uncomfortably in the bra. Thanks to the soft materials, NUK nursing pads are also particularly gentle on the skin and are almost invisible under clothing, due to the smooth outer surface. Therefore, NUK nursing pads offer breastfeeding mothers inconspicuous protection which helps them to get through everyday life without any worries.

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