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Learner Bottles & Cups

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  1. NUK First Choice Learner Bottle Night 150ml with spout
    NUK First Choice Learner Bottle Night 150ml with spout
  2. NUK Flexi Cup 300ml with straw
    NUK Flexi Cup 300ml with straw
  3. NUK Disney Winnie the Pooh First Choice Learner Bottle 150ml with spout
    NUK Disney Winnie the Pooh First Choice Learner Bottle 150ml with spout
  4. NUK Trainer Cup 230ml with spout
    NUK Trainer Cup 230ml with spout
  5. NUK Magic Cup 230ml with drinking rim
    NUK Magic Cup 230ml with drinking rim
  6. NUK Action Cup 230ml with drinking straw
    NUK Action Cup 230ml with drinking straw
  7. NUK Replacement Spout 2pcs
    NUK Replacement Spout 2pcs

Helpful learner cups & bottles

The first smile, the first word, the first step - milestones in your child's development, just like the transition from mother's breast to independent drinking. But what is the best way to learn to drink? With a learner cup, it can be child's play. Our Evolution and First Choice Cups’ soft spout, as well as the ergonomic handles of the babies drinking cups are specially designed to make the beginnings of independent drinking easier, more relaxed and comfortable for your little darling. Take advantage of our clever learner cups’ many talents now!

Advantages of learner cups at a glance

•    Leak-proof and unbreakable
•    Ideal for when you are on the go
•    Practical handles for a secure grip

A learner cup reliably supports your child in getting used to drinking from cups or real glasses after baby bottles. NUK drinking cups are suitable for babies from around 6 months. Learning the necessary skills to drink like grown-ups is very easy and intuitive with learner cups and bottles. Especially for babies who can't wait to copy mummy and daddy, a learner cup is a practical aid to avoid spills.
The different types of learner cups

1. Learner cup with spout

Particularly for the first time away from the mother's breast, a learner cup is a good start for babies. The familiar sucking movements and the soft drinking spout mean your little darling hardly feels any difference when drinking. However, this does not promote the ability to drink from real glasses and cups in the long term. A learner cup with a spout should, therefore, not be used permanently, but is merely a great aid for the transition

2. Learner cup with drinking rim

Drinking cups with a rim are based on the principle of a leak-proof silicone disc that opens when your baby sucks on it, e.g. the NUK Magic Cup. The advantage is that the containers are shaped like real cups, so the feeling for your little darling is close to sipping from a real cup or mug. This type of drinking can be a challenge for your child at first, and they have to get used to it. However, this usually happens quite quickly.

3. Learner cup with handles

Many learner cups or cups with a drinking rim have large, non-slip handles on the sides, including the NUK learner cups. The handles help your baby to hold the cup securely in their hands when learning to drink, making it easier for them to drink independently. If you are using a learner cup without a handle, it is better to give your baby a little help at the beginning.

Find the right NUK learner cup

We offer learner cups and bottles in many different sizes and shapes, so there's a model to suit everyone. With a spout or a 360-degree drinking rim, our NUK learner cups and bottles make everyday life easier for parents and help your child to develop new skills. You can easily determine the level of support your child needs when drinking from a NUK cup: The ergonomic handles of the learner cups are a useful detail, especially in the early days, to introduce your baby to drinking from cups at the appropriate pace. If your child can already manage without stabilisers, you can try drinking from handleless learner cups with a drinking straw.

For restful nights, our range also includes models with a light-up effect. The glow-in-the-dark material allows your baby to find its cup all by itself and therefore promotes independent drinking. All you have to do is put the NUK cup in the light for a while. The special material stores the light energy and emits it as a soft glow for up to eight hours. The cute cup design is not only pretty to look at, but also extremely robust. So if the learner cup does fall onto the floor, that's no problem. The BPA-free polypropylene (PP) that our NUK cups are made of is strong and can withstand a fall from a high chair without any problems.

Drinking cups & bottles in different shapes and designs

Choose the ideal companion for your baby when learning to drink from our large colourful range of learner cups and bottles. From cute animal babies to the classic Mickey Mouse and strong dinosaurs, you'll find everything here. For those who prefer something simpler, we also offer our learner cups in a discreet stainless steel design. And, if you want to add something special, you can decorate all our learner cups and bottles with an individual engraving. Create a particularly personal gift this way! The leak-proof plastic bottles are sure to become a beloved companion during all stages of learning to drink.

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