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MedicPro UK

Special Products for Special Children

Not every child is lucky enough to come into the world at the right time and in the best of health. For children who require help sucking after their birth, NUK has developed special products that are used in most German clinics with neonatal wards. For it is our aim to help every child develop healthily right from the start. MedicPro products have been developed for many years in close collaboration with medical professionals and meet the highest quality standards. Most notably, the teats from the NUK Clinic range are used in 95% of all German clinics.

NUK Teats and Soothers for Premature Babies

Every year in Germany around 60,000 babies come into the world too early. So that these small and premature infants with a body weight of less than 1,750g learn to suck correctly as quickly as possible – the requirement for the in-take of food and quick, healthy growth –MedicPro has been offering soothers and teats that focus specifically on the anatomical needs and requirements of premature and particularly delicate newborns for many years. 

A completely new product is the smallest bottle in the clinic range: it has a capacity of just 45ml and a measurement indicator with millimetre precision, so that the smallest amounts of breast milk or infant formula can be measured exactly. Made out of high-quality polypropylene, it offers the optimal way to feed premature and newborn babies. 

Also in clinics: the tried and tested bottle system with the NUKFirst Choice

The First Choice Bottle System from NUK has been popular with mothers for a long time. To give even the smallest babies a good start, the NUK First Choice Bottle System with the NUK First Choice Teat is available for use in clinics too. They come as hygienically packed, sterilised and ready for immediate use disposable products, meeting all clinic requirements. With wide openings, NUK First Choice Bottles can be easily filled. The teat is correctly shaped for the jaw and was designed in such a way as to resemble a breast’s softness and form and promote natural development. In a test in 25 German clinics, the NUK First Choice Bottle System was given a very positive rating by both mothers and nurses.* 

The secret of NUK First Choice Teats lies in its natural shape: the NUK First Choice Teat is modelled on the shape of a mother’s breast as she breastfeeds and has many similarities to its natural role model. The special shape of the teat adapts particularly well to a child’s mouth: the domed shape of the top fits snugly against the roof of the mouth, while the curved underside leaves enough room for the tongue to move naturally during sucking. The width of the lip rest ensures that babies have to open their mouths wide as they would at their mother’s breast. The Anti-Colic Air System enables a natural flow, so that babies can drink as if from the breast without swallowing air while the soft materials (TPE or Latex) resemble the softness of the breast. Altogether this means that the NUK First Choice Teat is particularly well accepted by babies and a combination of bottle and breastfeeding is possible without nipple confusion.** 

* 82 % of mothers were satisfied or very satisfied with the NUK First Choice Clinic Teat. The majority of nurses would like to continue working with the new teats.
Study carried out by Nukleon Consumer Insights, Berlin, June/July 2012

**Scientific Study: Moral et al. BMC Pediatrics 2010, 10:6. Further information here

NUK Teat Trainer

A medical product for treating children of school age and adults.
The NUK Teat Trainer, as a therapeutic tool, makes an important contribution to improving poor sucking skills and to helping rectify oral motor dysfunction (e.g. breathing through the mouth, problems with sucking, chewing, swallowing, speaking and facial gestures). The main focus here is given to the treatment of incorrect swallowing, which is associated with disrupted patterns of tongue movement, and correcting complicated sucking and swallowing actions. Over and above that, using the NUK Teat Trainer can have a positive effect on muscle tone or on the coordination of the inner and outer face muscles. Unrelenting bad habits such as grinding or clenching teeth and tongue thrusting, associated with pain and jaw cracking, can also be effectively treated. The NUK Teat Trainer can be used in speech therapy, orthodontics and physiotherapy too, as part of PADOVAN myotherapy. The method, named after the speech therapist Beatriz Padovan, is a holistic therapy, which observes certain movement patterns of the human development process and makes the patients consciously aware of them. It assumes that complex skills build upon basic competences. Through conscious breathing, sucking, chewing and swallowing, complex speech impairments can be corrected.

Available in two sizes for children of school age and adults.
Also suitable for stroke patients after consulting their doctor.

NUK X-ray Teat

For examinations with contrast materials: a radiological aid in paediatrics for the diagnosis of diseases and malformations of the oesophagus. The NUK X-ray Teat was developed to make the administering of contrast materials during the x-ray examinations of babies and small children easier. Using a syringe, the special teat enables the exact dosage of the contrast material to be given. The natural sucking reflex of babies ensures that the contrast material goes through the tube and teat into the mouth and finally reaches the stomach and intestine. 

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