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Product Tests

NUK Baby Thermometer 3in1 in a miBaby test: 99 % of the parents in the test would recommend the device.

Together with the miBaby portal the NUK Baby Thermometer 3in1 was tested by 39 parents who have children aged between 0 and 2 years. With the new thermometer from NUK, a baby’s temperature can be measured in the ear or at the temple in a particularly gentle and simple way.

The NUK Baby Thermometer 3in1 won over the parents in the test. 99 % would recommend the product: 69 % of them without any reservations, the other testers with a few suggestions for small improvements. miBaby sums up the statements of the parents in one sentence: „A great product that can be recommended without reservation.“ The detailed test results can be found at miBaby.

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