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NUK MommyFeel Silicone Soother

  • Uniquely breastfeeding-friendly - 98% of mothers confirm: soothes without upsetting the breastfeeding relationship*
  • Soft and familiar: the silicone is as soft as skin and shaped like mommy’s breast
  • Recommended by midwives, lactation consultants and doctors: because a baby’s lips can rest gently on it – just like breastfeeding*
  • Best shape for teeth, jaw and palate: scientifically proven: NUK has the least effect on the teeth, jaw and palate**
  • Available in different colours, BPA free, 2 pieces per pack, reusable soother box

NUK MommyFeel, silicone soother for a smooth breastfeeding relationship, 0-9 months, 2 pieces

NUK MommyFeel - the soother with the mommy feel

The breastfeeding relationship between mother and baby is precious and sensitive. This is why the NUK MommyFeel has a special design***: so that it soothes without affecting the breastfeeding relationship. The teat is shaped like mommy’s breast. And the silicone that it is made of is as soft as skin. For a feeling just like at mommy.

Another advantage of the soother is that only the baby’s lips touch the teat. The delicate sensitive skin around the mouth stays open to the air. This means the NUK MommyFeel does not cause any pressure marks and prevents skin irritations. From breastfeeding, babies will already know how to rest the lips gently on it: one of the main reasons why medical experts recommend this soother. And naturally, the NUK MommyFeel also has the original NUK shape, the best for the teeth, jaw and palate.** This makes the NUK MommyFeel the best choice for a smooth breastfeeding relationship.

* Germany 2022: Independent market research

** Scientific comparison of four soother shapes, published: "Soothers: The right shape is crucial", Pharmawissen aktuell, 2022

*** The MommyFeel (0-9M) was specially developed for breastfeeding. After weaning, please change to another NUK soother model


For the sake of sustainability: NUK Soother with reusable packaging

Sustainability is a priority with us. We would like to give parents the chance of reusing our packaging again instead of throwing it away. Every NUK MommyFeel soother therefore comes in a sturdy, reusable box, which keeps the soother clean and protects it – above all for when you are out and about an ideal solution. At home, it can then be hygienically reprocessed in the microwave. To do this, fill the soother box with water up to the bottom line of the marking. Only then insert the soother with the teat part facing downwards. Please read the warnings and instructions for use inside the packaging carefully.

NUK soothers are 100% made in Germany. Of course, they are BPA - free and comply with the European safety standard EN1400. For reasons of safety and hygiene, replace the silicone soother after 1–2 months use.

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NUK MommyFeel Silicone Soother

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