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There is plenty of advice available in books and through the internet on the topics of pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition and general child development but often it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for, whether it be a month by month guide to pregnancy, an overview of the stages of child development or more information about children's teeth. This is why we decided to put our own experience into writing and have created a series of handy guides that are compact and understandable with substantiated advice that is relevant to everyday life. Promoting nothing other than your baby's wellbeing!

Each guide has been developed in partnership with our team of experts and can be downloaded in PDF format. Simply click on the booklet below that you want to read.

The latest edition to our series of parenting guides is the new “Guilt Free Guide for Childcare”. Developed in response to a survey of 2000 UK mums in early 2013 that explored the key factors that make mums feel guilty in relation to childcare, the Guilt Free Guide provides advice and guidance from leading industry experts that will help alleviate some of those feelings of guilt.

So grab a cup of tea and a biscuit (go on one won’t hurt!) and read on...

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