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NUK Magic Cup with engraving

With the NUK Magic Cup and a little magic, learning to drink at the beginning will be a breeze for your little treasure. After a few months, it is time to wean your offspring from breastfeeding and the baby bottle and to make their first own drinking attempts with the cup. Our NUK Magic Cup serves as a practical cup for learning to drink, which you can personalise in just a few steps with a personalised engraving. The NUK Magic Cup is a perfect gift for the children of your best friend or to make your own little treasure a joy.

Learning to drink magically - with the Magic Cup from NUK

The NUK Magic Cup with engraving is something very special: it has a drinking rim specially developed by NUK, which enables your baby to drink from all sides in the same way. As soon as the little explorer starts to start sucking, a fine seal opens and your little treasure can drink without any problems. Thanks to a waterproofing silicone disc, the cup is also completely leak-proof, so that no spilling can occur during playful drinking.

The NUK Magic Cup with engraving is available in different designs and sizes, so that the design can be individually tailored to your little treasure.

For the bigger ones: The NUK Magic Cup with engraving is the largest model and has a capacity of up to 230 ml. It has been in the NUK range for many years and is an absolute favorite of many parents and children. The larger model is suitable for children from 8 months and accompanies the little explorers leak-proof on all their ways. Off to the next adventure!

For the little ones: From 6 months, you can surprise your baby with a NUK Mini Magic Cup with engraving. This cup has all the proven features of its big brother and is also perfect for even smaller children's hands. It has two ergonomic handles on the sides, so that your treasure can hold the NUK Mini Magic Cup with engraving even all alone. With 160 ml, this has an ideal capacity. And learning to drink is within reach!

Personalize the cup with engraving - it's as simple as that:

In three simple steps, you can personalise our NUK Magic Cups and create an enchanting one-of-a-kind item quickly and easily:

Step 1 – Choose Magic Cup

In the first step, select the model and colour of your desired cup. Here you can choose between different variants.

Step 2 – Add engraving to NUK Magic Cup

Then you can add an individual text to the cup - for example, how about the name or date of birth of the baby? There are no limits to your creativity. You can divide your desired text into two lines and choose between two different fonts for your individual engraving.

Step 3 – Check draft

When you have finished designing the unique piece, a summary of your individual engraving will be displayed for you to check. If necessary, you can make another change to your NUK Magic Cup. If you are satisfied with your design, you can simply place the product in the shopping cart and order online. In just a few days, your individually designed drinking cup will arrive at your home.

NUK wishes you a lot of fun designing your individual NUK Magic Cup!


NUK Cups comply with the European safety standard EN14350. Carefully read warnings and instructions inside. Please retain product information and article/ LOT no. for future use. NUK Cups and Spouts are only compatible with the corresponding range

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