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The right baby equipment for your little darling

When the birth of a baby is approaching, there are a lot of things to consider and, above all, to do. In order to avoid getting lost in the jungle of baby needs as a prospective mum and dad, you should familiarise yourself with the most important purchases during pregnancy. It makes sense to buy the baby equipment gradually instead of all at once. This enables you to better gear your purchases to your baby's actual needs. You don't yet know exactly what you need? Let us inform you about the most important purchases for a complete set of baby equipment!

NUK baby equipment: We have what you need

What do you need for a baby? The list of basic baby equipment is long. However, in the NUK Online Shop you will find the right products for your short and long-term baby equipment at a glance. This means both the basic equipment that you should have ready for the birth of your baby as well as the products that your darling will need as he or she grows up:

  • Baby bottles: NUK baby bottle teats are shaped to resemble the mother's breast, which is why the little ones accept them very well. They are a wonderful addition to the breastfeeding mother's breast and can also be used for exclusive feeding. 
  • Drinking bottles & cups: As soon as the little ones start drinking water or tea, the various NUK drinking bottles are a wonderful addition. The different flasks and cups accompany your little ones through the entire learning process of drinking and beyond. 
  • Soothers: The right soother should not be missing from the baby equipment. Among our Genius, Freestyle, Trendline, Space, Sensitive and Classic lines there is a suitable soother to make every baby feel good.
  • Dental care & teething rings: Teething is an important step in a child's development. During this stressful process, various symptoms may arise which can be alleviated with the help of a teething ring. Once the first teeth have come through, you should also keep an eye on dental care.  
  • Baby care & baby hygiene: From potties to thermometers and nail clippers. Baby's personal care and hygiene is quite demanding, however, with the right utensils this doesn't pose a problem. Add the necessary products to your baby's equipment at the right time. 
  • Crockery & cutlery: In order to properly support and encourage the first independent eating attempts, we recommend suitable cutlery and crockery, which you can also find in the NUK Online Shop.

And you, as parents, also require a wide variety of new products, which the NUK Online Shop naturally has in store for you:

  • Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding is the focus for you and your little darling right from the start. Discover our breast pumps, nursing pads and other breastfeeding accessories that make it as easy as possible for new mothers to care for their baby. 
  • Baby monitors & safety: Of course, the safety of your baby is our top priority. Therefore, use smart baby monitors and other devices to monitor your baby to ensure you always feel at ease.  
  • Electronic products:Vaporisers, bottle warmers and other technical aids can make your everyday life as a parent much easier.
  • Household hygiene: Everything your baby comes into contact with should be cleaned sufficiently. This applies in general to normal household hygiene and in particular to everything your baby carries on his or her body or puts in his or her mouth.


Good preparation: Keep a checklist of baby equipment

Pregnancy is associated with great anticipation, which is why many mothers and fathers are eagerly awaiting the moment to finally buy everything for their baby. Especially when they are having their first child, parents want to do anything right and want to be prepared for every eventuality. However: Don't go on an unstructured shopping spree! It is important to proceed calmly so that you don't forget the most important things or invest your money in the wrong baby equipment. For example, keeping a list of baby equipment can be very helpful. If you start compiling such a list in the early stages of pregnancy, you can add important items to it if necessary. This way, you will never lose track of the things you have already bought or still need to buy. 

Tip: Use our wish list and collect everything you will need. 

Our service: More than baby equipment

Pregnancy, and then the precious months with the baby, are an important and exciting time for young parents. For this reason, we do not only want to accompany you through this time with our baby equipment and baby accessories. In our advice & help section you will also find useful articles on the topics of becoming a parent, babies and toddlers. Benefit from practical tips on everything to do with childbirth, find out everything worth knowing about children's jaws and teeth from our experts or discover delicious recipes and great ideas for games!