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Babies feel a natural urge to suck and a Soother, pacifier or dummy is a useful aid for relaxing your baby. The NUK Soother shape is based on a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding and adapts ergonomically to the baby’s jaw. It is soft and flexible with enough room for the tongue and places no unnecessary pressure on the jaw and teeth.

NUK Soothers have been developed in partnership with dental health experts, this means that NUK Soothers not only soothe your baby, but also promote healthy mouth development. While your baby sucks, it is training its muscles and perfecting the coordination between the jaw, palate, tongue and lips. This helps support breathing, eating and speech development and effectively prevents misalignment of the teeth.

Not Round for a Reason

The NUK Orthodontic Shape: Not Round For A Reason!

The unique NUK shape is designed to optimally fit baby’s mouth, encouraging the healthy development of the oral cavity. NUK Teats are designed based on nature’s perfect model, mother’s breast during feeding, making the transition between breast and bottle feeding easier.

Air System

The NUK Anti-Colic Air System

All NUK Teats have an air vent, which compensates for the difference in air pressure in the bottle. This not only helps to prevent the teat collapsing, but also the harmful swallowing of air, otherwise known as colic.

Soother Diagram
Mimics Mother Nature

The Next Best Thing to Breastfeeding

All NUK soothers have an asymmetrical shape that resembles a mother’s nipple while breastfeeding. There is plenty of room underneath for the tongue to move naturally when sucking, while the domed shape of the tip fits the mouth perfectly.


Your questions answered:

Why are there honey-coloured and transparent Soothers?

NUK Soothers come in two different materials: the honey-coloured natural substance latex and the transparent synthetic material silicone. Simply choose whichever one you prefer – often children make the choice themselves. Here is some information to help with the decision making:

Latex Soother

Latex: completely natural product; very soft; very flexible but bite resistant; own natural taste

Silicone Soother

Silicone: high-quality, transparent synthetic material; neutral in smell and taste; particularly heat and light-resistant


Why are there different sizes of Soothers?

A mother’s breast may not change, but a baby’s mouth, like everything else, grows quickly in the first months of life. However, to guarantee a shape that fits perfectly at any stage, there is the NUK Sizing System. It corresponds ideally to the anatomy of a child.

This system offers the right size soother for each age.

Soother Size Concept

The different soother sizes should always be subject to each baby’s individual development.

Which is better: Soother or thumb?

Soothers are softer and more flexible than a thumb. A Soother with an intelligent teat shape, unlike a thumb, promotes the healthy development of the mouth and reduces the risk of teeth misalignment. In general, it is easier to stop using a Soother too because you do not always have it to hand.

When should I replace a Soother?

The different soother sizes should always be subject to each baby’s individual development.

Does my child need a Soother at all?

Every baby enters the world with an innate need to suck. It not only makes sure they can get their precious breast milk, it also calms them too. For many children breastfeeding alone is not enough to soothe them, so a Soother can help. While your child is sucking, it is giving the muscles a workout and perfecting the interplay between the jaw, palate, tongue and lips.

How hygienic do Soothers have to be?

In the first months of life, Soothers should be cleaned every time before use – the NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser is particularly suitable as it has a gentle, nature based formulation. Sterilise Soothers before they are used for the first time and then regularly afterwards – either in boiling water or with a NUK Steam Steriliser, for example.

What is the most hygienic way to store and carry a Soother?

NUK Soothers come in a handy sealable Soother pouch, keeping them clean and safe when at home or out and about.

Soothers in pouch

Which soother is right for me?

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