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New Baby Checklist

Knowing what you’re going to need for your new arrival can be really confusing. There are so many products available but also so many other things to think about too.

It’s always useful to get advice from family and friends, particularly those who are fellow parents and have recently been through the same process. Product reviews and products that carry awards voted for by other parents are also a good indicator as to whether the product in question will satisfy the needs of both you and your baby.

To help you make those essential purchase decisions, NUK has pulled together a list of some of the items that you may need in those first few weeks, you probably won’t need everything on the list but it will hopefully give you some guidance and ideas. So grab a cup of tea, a notepad and pen and get scribbling, it’s shopping time!

Suggested items to help prepare you for your new arrival:

  • Sleeping cot including mattress, sheets and blankets
  • Car seat / buggy / travel system
  • Day-time and night-time clothing to suit the time of year that your little one arrives. You’re likely to be changing your baby a lot (!) and thus the more outfits you have the better!
  • Lots of bibs, towels and flannels – yes it’s going to be messy!
  • Changing mat and lots and lots of nappies!
  • Breastfeeding aids: Breastfeeding Pads, Nipple Shields, Breast Milk Containers and Breast Pump (just in case you need a little help).
  • Bottles & Teats: Breastfeeding is a great option, it gives the baby all the nutrients they need, it helps build a strong emotional bond between mother and child and it’s free! However successful breastfeeding isn’t always possible and thus it’s good to have a backup plan. Having a set of bottles and teats readily available along with some formula milk means you can easily feed your baby in those situations where breastfeeding isn’t always possible.
  • Soothers: Babies have a natural instinct to suck, breastfeeding gives them the opportunity to satisfy this need however they may also want to suck in-between feeds, e.g., when they are tired, bored or in need of comfort. Soothers are ideal for this purpose and are a much better option than allowing your child to suck their thumb, as this can have a negative impact on their teeth and bone structure.
  • Bottle Cleanser, Steriliser and 2 in 1 Bottle & Teat Brush: Keeping your baby’s bottles and accessories clean and germ free is hugely important, especially so in the first few weeks. By using a Bottle Cleanser and a Bottle & Teat Brush, this will help ensure that any dried on milk or juice residues will be removed from your baby’s bottles prior to sterilising, which helps prevent upset tummies.
  • Baby Soft Brush & Comb: Because your little one is going to be getting lots of attention!
  • Changing Bag: Well you’ll need something to keep all these items in!

There are of course many more items that you could spend your hard earned cash on but this will at least get you started!