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What we do

For over 60 years we’ve been listening to midwives, doctors, nutritionists and most importantly parents. We listen to learn about the needs of parent and child in those precious early years, this enables us to consistently deliver products that really do make life easier.

NUK offers an extensive range of baby products including breastfeeding aids, bottles & teats, soothers, cups, weaning products and many others. We work with trusted experts including child nutrition specialist and author, Annabel Karmel and breastfeeding consultant, Clare Byam-Cook, to ensure that our products meet the needs of the people who matter most: the parents and children who use them.

We also offer licensed ranges that offer all the benefits of NUK combined with classic Disney designs.

Why choose NUK?

When it comes to choosing feeding products for your child it is important to consider their long term oral development. This is exactly what two leading orthodontists, Prof. Dr. W Balters and Dr. med. dent. A Muller did more than 60 years ago. Their groundbreaking research found that a mother’s nipple changes shape during breastfeeding to an asymmetric form, adapting to the shape of baby’s mouth, and that prolonged use of conventional round or “cherry top” teats and soothers could cause oral abnormalities like open bite. This insight led them to develop the original orthodontic NUK shape which is still found on all NUK Teats and Soothers today.

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First Choice for Combined Feeding:

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The shape of the NUK Teat mimics that of a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding; this encourages latch-on and makes for a problem-free switch between breast and bottle feeding.

First Choice for Hospitals:

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Every year, 3 million NUK Orthodontic Teats are used in maternity wards and neonatal units throughout the UK, with 93% of paediatrician and 87% of midwives recommending NUK.*


First Choice for Anti-Colic:

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NUK Anti Colic Air SystemNUK’s Anti-Colic Air System reduces air bubbles during feeding for a reduced risk of colic. A clever valve allows air into the bottle during feeding which prevents an air vacuum and allows baby to feed continuously without swallowing air.

First Choice for Orthodontic shape:

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By closely mimicking the asymmetric shape of a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding, NUK’s orthodontic teats and soothers are designed to perfectly fit baby’s mouth and promote the healthy development of their teeth and jaw.


First Choice for Parents:

The most important endorsement of our products comes from you, the parents who use them day in day out. If you’re happy with them then we’re happy too! Thankfully it seems you are as NUK consistently wins product awards voted for by the parents who use them.

NUK Awards

So whether you’re looking for the new baby essentials or cups for your toddler, with NUK you can be reassured that you are always doing the right thing for your child. For more information on the range please click here.

*Research conducted by independent market research institute GFK Healthcare, 2003 from 201 midwives and pediatricians in Germany.