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Preparation & Storage

To just quickly warm the bottle or prepare a puree: NUK has many products which help make your everyday routine easier and simplify the preparation of fresh baby food. Various baby food warmers can heat up milk and puree, both gently and quickly. The NUK Baby Menu cooks and purees fresh ingredients for the first puree or smoothie. There are also storage containers that can be used for either freezing the puree or conjuring it into healthy ice lollies.

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  2. NUK Breast Milk Bags
    NUK Breast Milk Bags
  3. NUK Easy Learning Snack Box
    NUK Easy Learning Snack Box
  4. NUK Milk Powder Dispenser
    NUK Milk Powder Dispenser
  5. NUK Bottle Crate
    NUK Bottle Crate
  6. NUK Fresh Foods Masher & Bowl
    NUK Fresh Foods Masher & Bowl
  7. NUK Breast Milk Container
    NUK Breast Milk Container