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Teething Rings

Teething Rings

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    NUK Extra Cool Teether

Teething ring for babies as a gentle help when teething

The time of teething is often a rather turbulent one. This is because when the first teeth start to fight their way through, your baby's mouth becomes sensitive to pressure. This manifests itself as unpleasant itching and sometimes also as pain. Swollen, inflamed gums and tears often cause restless nights, which is a stressful time for everyone involved. 

Unfortunately, this teething process cannot be accelerated. In order to make it a little more pleasant, the use of a NUK Teething Ring as a teething aid can be a great relief for babies and also for parents. Thanks to selected materials, your baby can chew on the teething ring to his or her heart's content and hereby massage his or her own gums. The pressure of the bite relieves the pain of teething and makes these trying times more comfortable. Another positive effect of the teething rings is the increased salivation of the child: This prevents tooth decay and the teeth can grow healthily.

Find the right teething ring for your baby

Before buying a baby teething ring, you should first of all inform yourself about the materials used because, after all, your child will suck on the teething ring again and again. All NUK teething rings are made of high-quality plastic and are also BPA-free - so there's no need for you to worry. 

Chewing around on the ring provides relief to the irritated palate for a brief moment. On the one hand, NUK teething rings are shaped so that all parts of the small mouth can be reached. On the other hand, all models are adapted to delicate baby hands and can, therefore, be easily held by the little fingers. 

Cooling teething rings for gentle pain relief

Especially in the critical phase, many parents wonder: What really helps with teething? A cooling teething ring is very pleasant for swollen and inflamed gums. These special, cooling teething rings are filled with a liquid which, when stored in the fridge for a short time, releases a pleasant coolness to your baby's gums. This temporarily relieves the pain and can be a great relief. If your baby has severe pain, it may also be useful to have a second teething ring to hand. This way, one of the two can always be stored in the fridge or wrapped in aluminium foil for when you are out and about - this keeps it cool temporarily.

Attention: Never put the cooling teething ring in the freezer! If the teething aid is too cold or even frozen, it can damage your little darling’s gums and mucous membranes. Thus, it causes more suffering than relief.

Unusual shapes of the teething rings promote motor skills

Not only are your baby's teeth developing, also his motor skills unfold more and more during the first months. With NUK Teething Rings, both can be encouraged at the same time. Thanks to the playful shapes and colours of the teething aids, the ring simultaneously becomes a toy for your child. Chewing, touching and playing around encourages the sense of touch while relieving teething pain. 

Tip: You can find out more about teething in our article The first teeth.

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