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Create soother clips with names online

Babies love their soothers. To ensure that these valuable companions are not lost, there are practical soother clips - but they are no longer just a means to an end. The NUK configurator allows you to create cute soother clips with names. In this way, you can create a very personal accessory for your baby. Personalized soother clips can also be stored as a nice souvenir and serve as a colourful toy for your children. These soother chains fit to soothers with ring.

Soother clip with name as baby gift

Finding imaginative baby gifts can be a real challenge between diaper cakes and ready-made gift baskets. So why not choose something personal, something that has been made for your baby? Baby gifts with names are always well received, be it for birth or christening. And as every baby sooner or later gets his first soother, soother clips are an indispensable accessory. Get creative, design your dummy necklace in just a few steps and enjoy this unique baby gift.

In only 5 steps to the individual soother chain

In our NUK soother chain studio, you can click through to your own personal dummy chain in just 5 easy steps. This is how it works:

Step 1 - Selecting the soother chain

From our soother chain range you first select the model of the soother chain.

Step 2 - Determine colour and pattern

This step deals with the colour and pattern of your soother chain. You can choose from countless suggestions and even upload your own photo if you like!

Step 3 - Adding symbols

Here you will find symbols from a wide variety of subject areas, which you can select and place on the chain yourself. You can also combine different symbols with each other - giving the soother chain a very personal touch.

Step 4 - Add your own text

Here you can add your own text to the soother chain - whether name, dedication or date, everything is possible. You can determine the font, font size and position of the text yourself.

Step 5 - Preview

In the last step you can take a look at your finished soother clip in its entirety. Do you like what you see? Then place your product in the shopping cart with a mouse click and you will soon be able to hold your unique item in your hands!

NUK wishes you a lot of fun in designing!