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Individual Products

Personalised baby gifts, as individual as your child!

Design according to your own taste under myNUK.

Every child is unique! With our personalised products, you have many ways of expressing this individuality - from the bottle that you create according to your wishes to the soother designed entirely to your child's taste. There are almost no limits to your imagination!

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  1. NUK Learner Bottle with engraving
    NUK Learner Bottle with engraving
  2. NUK Baby Bottle with engraving
    NUK Baby Bottle with engraving
  3. NUK Cup with engraving
    NUK Cup with engraving
  4. NUK Genius with engraving
    NUK Genius with engraving
  5. NUK Stainless Steel Cup with engraving
    NUK Stainless Steel Cup with engraving
  6. NUK Magic Cup with engraving
    NUK Magic Cup with engraving
  7. NUK Soother Chain Studio
    NUK Soother Chain Studio
  8. NUK Soother Studio
    NUK Soother Studio

Personalised baby gifts - a beautiful way to give

Friend's and family's babies are always special, therefore it is a great pleasure to give a small gift to the proud parents. Also on special occasions, such as christenings or birthdays, you can bring a smile to the faces of the child and parents with small baby gifts. 

For all those who are looking for something special, something personal, personalised baby gifts are the perfect way to create an individual baby gift according to the child's own taste or that of their parents. In the NUK Online Shop you will find various ways to individualise your gifts - simply let your creativity run wild!

Personalised baby gifts with a name and individual design

One of the most popular of the personalised baby gifts are the named gifts. A personal engraving on the soother with the initials or the nickname of the child are always very special. Since the soother is usually very popular with the little ones, it is often given as a personalized baby gift. The accompanying soother chain or a drinking cup can also be provided with lettering. We think that named gifts for babies are a nice way to give individual features to important everyday objects for the new generation. 
Also consider the practical benefits: If there are other little siblings or if the toddler group is visiting, one thing is very clear: Everyone knows who which items belong to. There is no risk of them getting mixed up! 

Engraving names upon baby gifts is not the only way to personalise them, individual colour combinations, patterns or motifs can also be chosen. A cute soother in navy blue with an anchor for little sailors or a green soother with a funny monster for fearless rascals? The many different design options create an individual soother with a personal touch for every baby or toddler, making it just the perfect gift. Be creative and give a personalised baby gift that comes from the heart!

Personalised baby gifts in the NUK Online Shop

In the NUK Online Shop you will find a wide selection of customisable baby products. Take a look around and design a gift according to your personal taste:

  • Soother chain with a name: As it not only looks pretty but is also simply practical, we recommend personalising a soother chain. In our soother chain workshop, you can make it a very special personalised baby gift.
  • Personalised soother: With just a few clicks you have the opportunity to design a soother yourself. If you would like to give the soother a name without further designs, then simply create a NUK name soother. If you would like a little more, then let your creativity run free in our soother studio and start designing your own NUK soother. 
  • Individual drinking cups: NUK drinking cups can also be equipped with a name. Here you can choose between the NUK Magic Cup with engraving or the NUK Stainless Steel Cup with engraving.


A personalised baby gift is not only a special memory for parents or grandparents, since children also like to look at their baby things after a few years and see their individual soother or cup. By giving personalised baby gifts, you can create memories that last beyond the baby's or toddler's lifetime. 

Personalised gifts for the birth

Still no gift idea for the birth? A personalised present for the birth is always a nice greeting for the baby. But how should you go about it when you may not know the name or gender of the little rascal? Many parents don't want to announce this until their little darling has seen the light of day. This however, should not prevent you from giving a personalised baby gift for the birth! 

There are many ways to choose more gender-neutral colours and designs. Do the parents have any special hobbies? Are you perhaps a fan of a particular sports club or are you a passionate member of one yourself? Are you a fan of a certain artist or band? 

Pick up on these facts when choosing a design for your newly born baby's gift. You also have the possibility to upload a photo, e.g. in our soother studio. Perhaps a picture of the pregnant mum or a photo of the parents in love on the individual soother? The personalised present for the baby's birth is unique and will be kept by the parents as a nice souvenir.