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Welcome to the home of EFFICIENT + SAFER + REFILLABLE cleaning!

YOU Naturally Powerful® is a new generation of ultra efficient, safer and totally refillable cleaners made from 100% plant based active ingredients and biodegradable formulas. These formulas are the fruit of more than 15 years research by our laboratory, who are experts in vegetal chemistry. YOU cleaners work just as hard as the traditional chemical cleaners on the market but are safer to use.

Our revolutionary plant based formulas use only naturally sourced raw materials and they are also dermatologically tested making them kind on the skin. Our innovative, effective and easy to use recyclable refill system means that you can use your bottles again and again, helping to produce less waste and save money in the process.

We’re so proud that YOU 500ml cleaners are all Ecocert approved. Ecocert is one of the largest and most stringent natural and organic certification organisations in the world, they recognise products that are made exclusively from substances with natural origin and use processes which are respectful to the environment.

Our range includes All Purpose, Kitchen, Bathroom and Window cleaning sprays, all with handy refills!

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YOU Naturally Powerful®, taking more care of you and your home.

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Don't lose your bottle... REFILL it over and over again!

Refilling your YOU cleaner is so simple!

Remove the trigger or cap from the empty bottle and fill it with water. Screw the refill onto the top of the bottle until the refill seal breaks and the liquid is released, then give the bottle a gentle shake. Replace the refill with the trigger or cap and you are good to go! Each bottle can be refilled 15 times… maybe more!

Still not quite sure? Watch the video to see our refill system in action!